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+420 770 649 669
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Mikovcova 531/9, 120 00 Praha (CZ)
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Project Details
  • Delivery time: two months
  • Auto Import / update programĀ 
  • Two step easy pupulate your catalog from suppliers’ data
  • Auto translation of titles and descriptions
  • Auto Updates product prices and description, based on rules


This work was fun! And not only for the categories of the product offered and the kindness of the customer, but also because it allowed us to go a little further from the standard e-commerce and add a whole freshly developed section .
The agreement with the customer indeed, was not only to have an e-commerce able to manage thousands of different products , different in color, shape, size and category, but also to have the products automatically translated and imported according to the suppliers' catalogs and some basic rules .
The shop is only since early December and after just few weeks it was already giving good profit !